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The Wild Fermentary Kefir

Kefir Soda with fresh ginger root is a taste sensation and award-winning soda, alive with billions of gut-loving bacteria infused with 100% freshly squeezed ginger root. Delightful on its own or take your cocktail / mocktail next level with healing ginger and billions of probiotic bacteria!

Berry Blush Kefir Soda with raspberry, rosehip and hibiscus is an award-winning probiotic beverage, alive with billions of gut-loving bacteria. Enjoy lovely delicate berry notes in a living soda that is probiotic, low sugar and naturally fermented. 

Beet & Berry Kefir Soda is T.W.F. NEW award-winning punk pink soda with all the goodness of a triple ferment – beet kraut juice, beetroot kvass and berry water kefir - all in one delicious bottle.