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La Petite Bon Bons + Shower Steamer + Lip Balm

This thoughtful little gift contains all the right things to show your Mum you love her without having to resort to flowers or another photo frame yet again (guilty)! 

Your choice of La Petite Bon Bon twin pack + a Shower Steamer + 1 x Anoint lip balm. 

The chocolates come in the following flavours:  Margarita* + Raspberry Rosewater, Margarita* + Salted Caramel & Raspberry Rosewater + Salted Caramel. Please note the Margarita flavour cotains liquor blends.

The Shower Steamers are available in the following flavours: Chanel No. 5, French Lavender, Rose Petal, Black Raspberry + Vanilla, Coconut + Lime, Lemon Drop, Vanilla Bean.