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How to shop at Replenish

How to shop at Replenish

We are all getting pretty good at this online shopping thing, thanks to all these lockdowns, BUT shopping online at a refill shop is probably a whole knew experience to most people – it can feel overwhelming especially as a first timer but it doesn’t have to be.

If you follow our lead, we can show you just how easy it can be to have your nuts and eat them too! (Disclaimer – nuts are coming soon!!)


Choose a few small things to start with to swap out from your usual supermarket branded home products. Hand soaps, laundry products, kitchen products, bathroom products OR even just your toilet paper are a really good place to start. They are a fool proof and easy way to get your head around how online refilling works. Plus, it is low risk as these products come in premeasured sizes so you won’t accidentally buy 1kg of almonds when you really meant to buy 100g… yup been there.


If you really want to make life easy for yourself and take the brainpower out of the whole process, why not subscribe to one of our pre-made (and well thought out) subscription packages? They are purposefully designed, by us, to make things easy for you and takes the guess work out of getting started and being sustainable. We have monthly subscription packages for all your needs so all you have to do is choose which one(s) suit you best, subscribe and get on with your life knowing that every month you are making a small but mighty difference to our planet, and to your wallet! Going away? Circumstances changed? or you want to try a different fragrance of laundry powder the follow month? NO problem, our subscription services are easy to pause, change or add to, just email our team at info@replenishpapamoa.co.nz at least72 hours before your subscription is due and we will help you out with whatever it is you need.


One of the coolest parts of our Replenish process is that we have a fully circular system. What this means is that every order arrives to you in reusable glass vessels that you can either choose to buy (at checkout) as a once off to keep or you can “borrow” them. If you borrow them or are on a subscription package your order will arrive in clean, sanitized vessels all packaged neatly together in a reusable Replenish tote. The following month on the day your subscription is due OR the next time you place an order you simply leave all the vessels in the tote bag and we collect them and leave your new order behind for you.  This circular model means that nothing goes to waste and everything is reused time and time again. You don’t even need to clean the containers, simply rinse them, leave them out for us and we will do the rest – it is like cooking and not having to do the dishes afterwards – WIN WIN.  As you can see this arrangement not only saves the planet it also saves YOU time too!


Not ready to commit to a subscription or not too keen JUST yet to give up your lovely supermarket branded bench sprays? We get it, change is hard. In the meantime, while you slowly peel the (hopefully eco-friendly) band-aid off, why don’t you peruse our beautiful gift section. Our Anoint Skincare, Fields&Co, Natural Boutique and Kinsman products all make wonderful, thoughtful and sustainable gifts.

We hope that this quick guide helps get you started on your refill journey. As always, we are just an email away if you need any extra help or a small push to get you underway!